The Little Mermaid

mermaidBook, Music, & Lyrics by Marc Robin and Curt Dale Clark

In this original take on the classic Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale, there is a beautiful young woman, an enchanted undersea realm, a handsome prince, and romantic longing. Oh, and Melody the Mermaid is no pushover! She wants to emerge from the safety of the deep sea and explore what’s beyond the ocean surface: the human world. But King Poseidon forbids his daughter to leave her underwater home to be with dangerous humans. When Melody slips away from her own birthday party to see for herself, she finds herself rescuing a drowning prince and falling in love with him.

Suitable for all ages                         Running Time: 70 minutes

Cast of Principal Characters:

Melody, a Mermaid

King Poseidon

Prince Alexander

Bobell, a Frog

Turtell, a  Sea Turtle

Fogerty, a Sailor

Stu, a Sailor

Jo, a Sailor


Seaweed, a Sea Witch

Collier, a Puli dog

Mary Elizabeth

Lady Boxington

A sweet retelling of the classic tale with the message of acceptance…Beef N Boards26A681934-E341-8889-AF38C56589CC7DF7

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Click here to hear an audio excerpt from The Little Mermaid: Karen Leigh Multer sings “Finest Creature.”

Click here to watch a video from the Beef N Boards 2010 production: the company sings the finale.

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