Rapunzel Receives World Premiere at Fulton Theatre

Marc Robin and Curt Dale Clark’s newest children’s musical, Rapunzel, received its world premiere on March 11, 2023, at the Fulton Theatre in Lancaster, PA. Directed by Robin, this modern version flips old fairytale stereotypes. No longer a story about a “damsel in distress,” this adventure is a quest for the true Ruler of the Kingdom which Rapunzel is destined to be…if she could only get over her fear of heights and find a way down from the 80-foot tower in which she currently finds herself. Rapunzel is also about the empowerment of women and the breaking of old gender stereotypes.

The premiere cast starred Kristen Zembower as Rapunzel, Tyler Shade as Prince Andreas, Katie Sina Kindig as Guardian, Andrew King as Commentary, Rita Katey as Harmony, and Bryant Martin as King Stefan.

The show will next open at Maine State Music Theatre on June 12, 2023.

Visit the Rapunzel page for more information. https://wordpress.com/page/robinandclarkmusicals.com/877