CDCMRGhost. . . .director, choreographer, and composer Marc Robin and actor, director, writer/lyricist Curt Dale Clark were enchanted by the magic of the great classic fairytales. Together, they have collaborated to bring these stories to a modern audience, wrapping their timeless narratives in memorable music, unforgettable choreography, and magical productions to grace the stages of numerous theatres across America.

Robin and Clark acknowledge gratefully their indebtedness to all their amazing original sources, such as Hans Christian Andersen, Lewis Carroll, Robert Louis Stevenson, J. M. Barrie, and the Brothers Grimm, who have inspired these tales. But the Robin and Clark versions often feature new twists on their prototypes, shaping the narratives to address contemporary issues and to speak in compelling new modes.

Together, Robin and Clark have a long history of producing shows for young audiences, and they believe that introducing children at an early age to live theatre “stimulates the imagination and the appreciation for and acceptance of the wonderful diversity of life.”

We hope you enjoy exploring Robin and Clark’s catalog of family musicals. These shows are guaranteed to educate and entertain audiences of all ages.

As Marc Robin and Curt Dale Clark say in their epic Treasure Island,  “Miracles can happen any place, any time…Maybe it is life that is the biggest miracle of all.” Their musicals are an invitation to enter the world of imagination and fantasy and to experience the wonder of life anew.