Snow White

713_snow_whiteBook, Music, & Lyrics by Marc Robin and Curt Dale Clark

 A modern retelling of the legend originally published by the Brothers Grimm, this musical version focuses on Snow White’s quest to become a strong, self-determined woman, who doesn’t do housework for the dwarfs. In this show, there is a colorful new batch of “dwarfs,” who are ironically quite tall: Enrico Caruso, Christopher Columbus, Confucius, Sigmund Freud, Martin Luther King Jr., Merlin the Magician and Scrooge – each of whom, with their rich and varied song styles, has some wise lesson to impart to Snow White and the audience, the most stirring among these, Martin Luther King’s “I Have a Dream.” Then there is the vain Prince, reduced to a deus ex machina here, and the self-absorbed Queen Narcissus who in this retelling repents her evil ways.

 Suitable for all ages                    Running Time: 60 minutes

Cast of Principal Characters:

Snow White

Prince Charming

Queen Narcissus

Woody, a Woodsman

Magic Mirror

Enrico Caruso, a “dwarf”

Christopher Columbus, a “dwarf”

Confucius, a “dwarf”

Sigmund Freud, a “dwarf”

Martin (Luther King Jr.), a “dwarf”

Merlin the Magician, a “dwarf”

Scrooge, a “dwarf”


Not your grandma’s, nor Disney’s seven dwarfs…Chicago Tribune, February 3, 2003.

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Click here to listen to an audio excerpt from Snow White:  John Steven Crowley sings“I Have a Dream.”


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