Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping_Beauty_art_webBook, Music, & Lyrics by Marc Robin and Curt Dale Clark

 A recipe for a very colorful musical: start with the Andrews Sisters-inspired trio Ruby, Marigold, and Periwinkle; mix in the evil Queen Magenta; add Sienna the talking owl; then blend the muddled monarch King Lapis with an allergy-prone Prince Hunter and a particularly peculiar Princess Amber. Top it all off with a fire breathing dragon and you have a musical retelling of the Brothers Grimm tale teeming with shattered stereotypes, broken rules and quests aplenty.

Suitable for all ages                    Running Time: 55 minutes

Cast of Principal Characters:

Princess Amber

Prince Hunter

Queen Magenta




King Lapis

Sienna, a Talking Owl

Forget the Grimm Brothers, Charles Perrault or Walt Disney’s fairy tale versions of this story. Marc Robin writes for today’s kids in his updated musical that features all the original whimsy, but is spiced up with contemporary dialogue and positive themes. Center Stage Chicago 2012

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Click here to listen to an audio excerpt from Sleeping Beauty: ” Explanation and Decision” with Karen Leigh Multer and Curt Dale Clark.

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