Peter Pan

peterpan_finalcolorBook, Music, & Lyrics by Marc Robin and Curt Dale Clark

J.M. Barrie’s classic story of a boy who doesn’t want to grow up comes to life in this new musical adaptation. Join the Darling children as they follow Peter Pan on an adventure, filled with pirates, Indians, and lost boys, to do battle with his nemesis, Captain Hook.



Suitable for all ages                      Running Time: 55 minutes

Cast of Principal Characters:  (some roles may be doubled)

Peter Pan


Wendy Darling

Michael Darling

John Darling

Mary Darling, the children’s mother

George Darling, their father

Slightly, a Lost Boy

Tootles, a Lost Boy

Curly, a Lost Boy

Captain Hook, a Pirate

Mister Smee, a Pirate

Gentleman Starkey, a Pirate

Little Jukes, a Pirate

Evil Birdie, a Pirate



“a brisk but fully fleshed-out romp with Equity actors, a trio of musicians, and professional costumes, lighting, and special effects that included some circumscribed but satisfactory flying. Having sat through a kids’ production of the lengthy Broadway show (complete with riotous intermission) a month earlier, I had to admire the well-oiled effectiveness of this one.” – Chicago Reader December 2002.

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Click here to listen to an audio excerpt from Peter Pan: Paul Perment sings “Neverland.” 

 © Marc Robin and Curt Dale Clark 1991 – All rights reserved.

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