Beauty and the Beast

BeastBook, Music, & Lyrics by Marc Robin and Curt Dale Clark

 In Robin and Clark’s version, an acting troupe is putting on a Disney-esque production of Beauty and the Beast, but things are not going well. It’s up to the members of the audience to save the day – a successful technique the creators often use to engage and educate young audiences. The familiar story is given a catchy score and lyrics and subtly addresses important issues. It tells the adventures of Rose, the Beauty, and Chadwick, the Beast who once was a Prince, of her papa, her silly sisters, and all the other characters in an ageless story about love and beauty that comes from the heart. Robin sums their tale up as being “all about who we are on the inside.”

Suitable for all ages                        Running Time: 55 minutes

Cast of Principal Characters:


Chadwick, the “Beast”

Rose, “Beauty”

Studley, a conceited landlord

Luvmea, Rose’s sister

Piglia, Rose’s sister

Rose’s Papa

Maxwell, Chadwick’s butler


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