The Princess and the Pea

Book, Music, and Lyrics by Marc Robin and Curt Dale Clarkpea2-1024x723

In this musical re-imagining of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale, the Prince is tasked with finding an appropriate bride, but this is complicated by his having fallen in love with an ordinary young maiden who found her way to the steps of the palace. Can this common girl pass the test? Will the oh-so persnickety Queen allow her to win? Will a tiny pea and a stack of mattresses stand between her and true love?

Suitable for all ages                    Running Time: 55 minutes

Cast of Principal Characters:

Prince Wellington David

Queen Evermean


Chester, the Jester



Your children will learn the value of true love and honesty. It won’t hurt the adults that bring them either, sort of a refresher course in human nature when you share it with the kids in your life….we all walk away with a warm feeling about life, and what more can anyone expect from a morning at the theater.- Around the Town Chicago

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 Click here to watch an excerpt from the Marriott Lincolnshire production of The Princess and the Pea.

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